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Journal of Educational Research in Mathematics - Vol. 29, No. 1, pp.93-112
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Print publication date 28 Feb 2019
Received 09 Jan 2019 Reviewed 02 Feb 2019 Accepted 02 Feb 2019

An Analysis and a Suggestion about Narrative of 'the Relation between Definite Integral and Sum of Series' in 2015-Revised <Calculus> : From the Perspective of Connecting with <MathematicsⅡ>
Lee, Gi Don*
*Teacher, Kyeongin High School, South Korea (

Correspondence to : Teacher, Kyeongin High School, South Korea,


In the 2015-Revised mathematics curriculum the definite integral concept described as ‘the difference of two values of the function given by an indefinite integral’ and ‘the area between a curve and x-axis’ is dealt in <MathematicsⅡ> and the definite integral concept depicted as ‘the limit of a Riemann sum’ is presented in <Calculus> officially following <MathematicsⅡ> in the learning sequence, which is absolutely different from the previous curricula. In this paper, I analyzed the narrative structure of ‘the relation between definite integral and sum of series’ in <Calculus> which introduces ‘the limit of a Riemann sum’ as compared with the definite integral concept as ‘the area between a curve and x-axis’ etc. with the perspective of connecting with <MathematicsⅡ> in mind. In regards to the defects revealed by this analysis, I suggested concrete expressions in the textbook <Calculus> and curriculum document, respectively to make a more profound connection with <MathematicsⅡ> through the support of the new concept learning experience from the previous learning experience and to lead to dealing with ‘the relation between definite integral and sum of series’ mainly focused on the definite integral concept depicted as ‘the area between a curve and x -axis’.

Keywords: Narrative Structure about Definite Integral, 2015-Revised Mathematics Curriculum, Calculus, MathematicsⅡ, Connectivity

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